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Part 4 


Just to clear the air for those unwary folks that aren't quite sure how to differentiate between a "HUD MANUFACTURED HOME & A MODULAR HOME I thought it might be time to dig through some of my archives and offer up important information that every real estate professional, lender, title & escrow company, contractor, home buyer, home seller and homeowner should know about before entering into any 'FACTORY BUILT' HOME deal.


There's a lot of mis-information and/or dis-information in the real estate community on this subject and we just want to help set the record straight in an effort to prevent folks from becoming victims, or worse, getting involved with a messy, costly and time consuming lawsuit.


The photo below is a "HUD MANUFACTURED HOME" 








The photo to the left is a "MODULAR HOME"






For those who may have missed Parts 1-3 please take a

few moments to review should you have any interest in



IPart 1 we discussed the 

difference between an 

"RV", "Park Model" and a "

HUD Manufactured Home". 


Part 2 we discussed the difference





In Part 3 w discussed the difference between a Pre HUD "MOBILEHOME"and a HUD "MANUFACTURED HOME".


Now for the 4th Part in this series.


No, your eyes are not deceiving you. What you see in the two photos above is exactly what you could see on a private lot or parcel in Anywhere, USA. Contrary to popular belief both a HUD Manufactured and Modular Home could very well go down the same assembly line in any factory and often times do.


  • Both are available in one and two story floor plans although MODULAR structures can be multiple stories 
  • Both are available in myriad multiple sections and come in a variety of shape and sizes. 
  • Both have virtually the same choices of architectural detail i.e. curvilinear, pop outs, roof line options, T, L and even U shapes can be designed to meet just about any design challenge found in "SITE BUILT" homes.
  • Both can have garages albeit HUD MANUFACTURED HOMES do require an alteration permit if the garage is to be attached. Or you can give it the appearance of being attached by unitizing it with flashing, siding and trim details.
  • Both are available with the same array of flooring, wall & window covering, counter top, appliance and fixture choices throughout.
  • Both can be prepped for tile, shake, composite, or any of the same roofing choices that site built homes use.
  • Both can be sided with anything the designer chooses including stucco albeit the sections are shipped stucco ready and the stucco is applied on site.
  • Both are available with drywall interiors. 
  • You can also design and build a hybrid super structure over a HUD MANUFACTURED HOME and conjoin two floors with an enclosed stairwell

  • and then unitize the two so they look like one dwelling










So now that you know

what can be done with

either a HUD



the legal definition of both


HOME and a










What is a Manufactured Home? 

“Manufactured Homes” are single-family dwellings manufactured in a factory to preemptive federal construction standards. Available designs range from low priced single section homes known as “singlewides,” to upscale homes manufactured in several sections, and even multi-story homes. Shown at the right is a model designed for placement on a foundation with the garage constructed after the installation of the three-section home.


  •  A HUD MH is transported on steel chassis which is never removed
  • HUD MH's are transported on their own running gear i.d. wheels, axles, towing tongue, hitch and running lights which are removed during the set up and installation.






  • HUD MH's are set up on a series of steel pier and jack assemblies or concrete blocks with wood, plastic or poured in place concrete footings.



  •  Today's California Housing and Community Development Departments (HCD), now requires that an "ENGINEERED TIE DOWN SYSTEM" (ETS) be installed on any new or reset MOBILE or MANUFACTURED HOME.


  • Finally a MANUFACTURED HOME will have metal HUD TAGS aka INSIGNIA'S, DECALS, LABELS posted on the rear left of each section. The home will also have a "COMPLIANCE" certificate posted on the inside of the home in various places depending on the manufacturer 




What is a








Just to dispel the notion that HUD MANUFACTURED HOMES are only available in one story single family homes there are also “Multi-Unit Manufactured Housing”.  


"A 'multifamily manufactured home' is a structure manufactured in one or more transportable sections to form two or more dwelling units into a single structure when installed. Multifamily manufactured homes may be used as a duplex, a dormitory, a hotel, efficiency units, or apartments, installed on a support system or foundation system. Depending on the situation, it may be required to comply with state and/or federal accessibility requirements." 


Modular Homes  and multi-story structures
Modular homes are residences constructed entirely in factories and transported to their sites on flatbed trucks. They are built under controlled conditions, and must meet strict quality-control requirements before they are delivered. 
They arrive in a variety of sections and are generally installed on a poured in place continual footing and stem wall foundation including interior footings. They are generally crane set or in some cases conveyed onto the foundations with a series of tracks and rollers if cranes are inaccessible or impractical. Cranes must meet certain guidelines i.e. spreader to boom ratio vs object weight and distance needed.
But here are some of the major differences:


  • They must conform to the same local, state and regional building codes as homes built on-site.
  • They are treated the same by appraisers, lenders, title companies, etc. as

homes built on-site and are easily refinance-able. They are easily customized

albeit today's HUD MANUFACTURED HOMES are as well. 




  • They can be designed in multi-story (as much as several stories aka mid-rises), multi-family, residential or commercial apartments, condos, offices, mid-rise motels, etc.
  • A study by FEMA found that modular homes withstood the wind and water from Hurricane Andrew better than most other homes in the area. They take less time to construct than site-built homes, are more energy-efficient, and generally cost less.
I have been tracking a lot of posts written and contributed by many real estate professionals on various blogging platforms from Active Rain to Linkedin as well as several publications and even in some audio visual commentary be it news related, informative documentary or advertorial in nature. 
We don't claim to have all the answers, information or knowledge. However, given the 3 decades W've been in this industry we thought we should put as much out there as possible for all to see in an effort to clear up many of the misnomers and misunderstandings that the real estate & construction professional and the lay person may have developed during the course of their research.

FACTORY BUILT "Modular" & "Manufactured" 

 construction projects are fast becoming a very 

economical, fast and efficient way to develop multi-

story Hotel and Resort Properties.


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